Understanding Diarrhoea


Diarrhoea is the passing of 3 or more loose or liquid stools per day, or more frequently than is normal for the individual. It affects almost everyone from time to time and is usually nothing to worry about.

Diarrhoea is an unbalance between intestinal absorption and secretion of water and electrolytes.

7 to 10 litres of water come into the intestine everyday.

• 1 to 5 litres by food
• 1 to 1.5 litres Saliva
• 2 to 3 litres by gastric secretion
• 2 to 3 litres by intestinal juice
• 0.5 to 1 litre by bile secretion
• 1.5 litres by pancreatic secretion

80%- 90% of the water is absorbed in the intestine.
No more than 1.5 litres a day is passed

Diarrhoea Treatment

Increased secretion – reduced absorption

Unbalance = Diarrhoea